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Surname:  Trott
Branch:  Trott
Origins:  British
More Info:  England

Background:  Trott is a variant of Trotter and is from Northern English and Scottish origin. It is the occupational name for a messenger, from an agent derivative of Middle English trot(en) 'to walk fast' (old French troter, of Germanic origin). In it's German form is is an occupational name for a grape-treader, from a derivative of Middle High German trot (t)e 'winepress'. The word and the surname are confined largely to Alsace, Lorraine, Switzerland and Swabia.

Motto:  Nec timidus, nec ferus; Neither fearful nor brutal.
Arms:  Paly of six or and gules on a canton argent a bear saliant sable.
Crest:  A bear passant.

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The records of the 'Ye Government and Councill of ye Assembly' of the Sommer Islands (now the West Indies) for August 23rd 1673 refer to "The lands in St Davids Island" and in particular three shares "being ye lands of Mr Perient Trott". This entry makes "Trott" one of the earliest of recorded surnames in the new American Colonies of the 17th century. However early "Trott" was in the New World, it was nearly five hundred years older in its place of origin, Medieval England. Like Trotter and Trotman it derives from the Olde French "trotier" a descriptive nickname for a messenger, a form introduced by the Norman Invaders after 1066 a.d. In its useage and recordings the name has overlapped with the Olde English pre 10th century "trothe" again a nickname, but this time for a person singled out for their loyalty and faithfulness. The Coat of Arms granted in 1574 in the reign of Elizabeth 1 (1558 - 1603) is of a paly of gold and red, on a silver chief, a black bear rampant. The first recording in any spelling is that of Robert Trotar in the Winton Rolls of Hampshire for 1148, but strictly speaking this is not a surname, but purely a job description. Other early examples include William Le Trot in Sussex in 1327, and Thomas Troht of Somerset in the same year. Later registrations include Jeffry Trote, Bailiff of Yarmouth, Norfolk, in 1340, and Jane Trott, married at St Michaels Church, Cornhill, on July 1st 1661. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Walter Trot, which was dated 1206, in the Pipe Rolls of Surrey, during the reign of King John of England, known as "Lackland", 1199 - 1216.

Name Variations:  Trott, Trot, Troth, Troath, Trotman, Trotter.

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